How to Build Your Kid’s Routine!

Posted By Raw Sugar on August 10, 2023

Rule The School Days!
If you want an A+ in helping your kiddos get back to school and ruling their days with confidence and calm, then some pre-first day prep will go a long way so that you can start the year off right. As kids become accustomed to following a routine, they become more self-sufficient and learn to take responsibility for their tasks, while developing a sense of independence, which is crucial for personal growth. Creating structure, setting up expectations, and keeping things simple will help you ace a stress free new routine when the school bell rings. Remember, you’re not just creating routines, you're honing skills that will last them a lifetime. 
Lay Down The Rules. 
Establish your overall routine by instituting wake up times, breakfast and dinner rules, scheduling after school activities, bath times and bed time. Clear expectations can help your kids feel confident and understand what is expected of them. Kids really do thrive with routine and structure. Studies have shown that consistency helps reduce stress, fosters time management skills, reduces power struggles and teaches independence. It’s helpful to get everyone on board if you allow kids to participate in establishing the rules and have a small say. 
Start Early. 
After lazy summer days and late nights, getting back into the rhythm of early mornings and early bed times takes some getting used to. Start your new schedule the week before school starts to avoid the grumpy, disoriented morning stress! 
Rise + Shine - Mastering the Morning Routine
How your day starts matters. If you can start calm, positive and stress free, likely those emotions will carry on with your child into his or her school day. This is where things like consistent wake up times, laying clothes and supplies out the night before and knowing what self care regimen to have as part of the morning routine comes into play. Make easy one dish breakfasts to help nourish your kids so they can flourish in class. 
Elevate Every Day With Organized Spaces
Messy desks and misplaced homework can lead to tears, frustration and lack of confidence.  Guide your young scholars to master the art of organization by creating designated zones for school supplies and homework. 
The Magic of Me-Time: Nurturing the Evening Ritual
Kids need me-time too. Instill the importance of self-care with calming evening rituals that encourage reflection and relaxation. Set the scene with enticing bath products, like our Raw Kids collection and teach them that feeling clean can be fun. It’s a habit that will last a lifetime if nurtured now. Have some Body Lotion, clean jammies and a good night time read waiting for them. 
1. Provides Predictability and Comfort
2. Helps Improve Time Management
3. Helps Establish Healthy Habits
4. Boosts Independence
5. Helps Enhance Focus and Learning
6. Helps Build Confidence

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