How to Chill In Honor of National Relax Day.

Posted By Raw Sugar on August 15, 2023

Let’s All Relax. 

National Relax Day isn't just a date on the calendar; it's a nod to the importance of recalibrating our pace in a fast and demanding world. It reminds us that without balance, there's burn outs. So for August 15th, take the opportunity to pause, intentionally slow down and tune in.
Doing nothing and relaxing is losing the stigma of the past where lack of a hectic schedule was viewed as “lazy.”  As a culture, we are realizing that relaxation isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity for our physical and emotional health, as well as our peace of mind. Stepping away from the daily grind brings forth a cascade of benefits. Stress takes a backseat, immunity gets a boost, and mental clarity comes into focus. Moreover, it's a simple yet profound way to nourish our relationship with ourselves and find balance in a world that never stops.
So lay down your burdens, release your worries, and surrender to the profound bliss of doing absolutely nothing. 
10 Ideas On How to Celebrate National Relax Day
Get Out in Nature : Immerse yourself in the embrace of nature. Wander through a nearby park or wooded area, a trail or a beach and just sit in wonder at the beauty of our world. An extra bonus is the feel-good Vitamin D infusion you'll get from being outside and in the sunshine.

Create Some Zen: Design a tranquil sanctuary within your living space. Fill it with plush cushions, soft lighting, and calming aromas for your personal haven of relaxation and make a plan to spend more time during the week in stillness.
 Mindful Meditation: Dedicate some time to meditate. Sink into the depths of your breath and let go of worries, inviting stillness and clarity to wash over you. The benefits of meditation are both scientific and emotional and may help expand the hippocampus -- the part of our brain used for memory, learning, emotion and creativity. 
Soothing Soundscapes: Craft a playlist of gentle, ambient sounds. Whether it's the rhythmic crash of waves or the rustling of wind through grass, let these harmonies lull you into peace. Make it your go-to play list in the morning to ground you or after a busy day to calm you. 
Take a Digital Detox Day: Disconnect from screens for a day. Reclaim your time from the clutches of technology and embrace the analogue world around you. Maybe you’ll love it so much it will become a once a week ritual to help keep you grounded. 
Express Yourself: Engage in creative endeavors that resonate with your soul. Whether it's painting, writing, or crafting, let your inner artist roam free and loose track of time. 
Yoga and Stretching: Flow through a gentle yoga sequence or engage in simple, soothing stretching exercises. Feel the tension melt away as you reconnect with your body. We engage our minds so much during the day, we often neglect to really ‘listen’ to what our bodies have to say. 
Read: Immerse yourself in a good book that transports you to another world. Let the words carry you away on a journey of imagination. Don't take notes. Don't set a timer. Just read and relax. 
Bubble Bath Bliss: Draw a warm bath infused with a calming soak and soft music and just let your thoughts float away. 
Self Care Spa Day: Spend the whole day giving yourself a little wellness retreat. Include morning Matcha and gratitude journaling. Sign up for an exercise class (like Yoga or Pilates) or take a walk in nature and then treat yourself to a long bath or shower with all your favorite scents. Give yourself a hair makeover with a healing mask or scalp scrub. Spend extra time applying a rich creamy Body Butter and then make yourself a healthy dinner to get your nutrition goals on track too. Nothing feels as good as taking care of you. 
However you decide to celebrate the day, we encourage you to leave the hustle behind and disconnect for even a brief moment. You’ll get to feel mind, body spirit renewal that may help bring balance to your busy life. Happy, peaceful National Relax Day.

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