How To DeClutter your Bathroom In No Time

Keep calm and get organized with our 5 tips on how to declutter your bathroom. Before getting started, here are a few things you’ll need first:

  • Ask yourself: ‘How often do I use this? Do I love this? Is this needed?’
  • Get a box ready to get clearing

Here we go!


1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Get everything in your cabinets and drawers out onto the floor. Once this is done, ask yourself the 3 questions above- ‘How often do I use this? Do I love this? Is this needed?’ If the answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions the rule is, you must throw it away.

2. Get Rid Of Packaging

Packaging can take up a lot of your area, so taking products out of their packaging, can help to create more space. You will be amazed as to how much more room you will have by doing this.


3. Categorize

We’re getting to the fun part now!
Group your items into categories. For example, shampoo & conditioners, facial care, personal care etc. By doing this, you will create even more space and have neat access to your everyday necessities. This will help you find even more products to throw away. (You will be amazed as to how much junk we keep in our bathrooms without even realizing it)

4. Check Expiration Dates

Make it a habit to check expiration dates on your products. This will allow you to keep your bathroom necessities up to date, making room for new personal care products – Like Raw Sugar!

5. Storage

Now that you’re products are grouped, simply place them into small baskets, neat containers and drawers. This will keep your space fresh, neat and clean, allowing for easy access to your products. Another great tip is to keep your countertops and sinks clear of anything other than a hand wash, a small plant to purify the air and perhaps a candle.

PS- Next time you’re at Target, just Look for The Bamboo Tops & White Bottles to add healthy and stylish products to your fresh new space.

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