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Can a scent make you feel more joy? Can it boost your mood, or help you focus when your to-do list is as long as Santa’s naughty list? The answer is resounding yes. Scent is the most powerful of our senses. Our olfactory system is directly connected to our limbic brain which is responsible for emotions and memory which means that scent has the power to evoke different emotions, recall the comforting times in your life (hello vanilla), enhance focus and, spark more joy. Take a look at our list of joy-filled scents below to get you through the holiday rush feeling more jolly, more peaceful and help bring more happiness to everyone on your gift list.  

Mint: Fresh, Fierce & Focused. No Stress.

Mint is a powerhouse for concentration and focus. Its revitalizing scent can help you stay sharp and alert, may improve attention and cognitive function, and help you destress. It's a game changer for staying on top of holiday prep. Not to mention that it invigorates and energizes while nurturing a grounded connection to Mother Earth and makes an incredible gift.

Eucalyptus: Breathe Deeper

Eucalyptus is like a breath of fresh air for your soul. This crisp, invigorating, menthol-like scent not only helps to clear your mind but has also been shown to help boost your immune system and energize your body while having a soothing and calming effect. Like a walk in a winter forest, Eucalyptus will reinvigorate your body, mind and skin while helping you breathe deeply through the holidays. 

Vanilla: Sweet. Calm. Comforting. Sultry.

Beloved Vanilla really is the scent that warms the heart and soothes the mind. It makes for a thoughtful gift with its classic scent that can bring a hint of happy nostalgia and sultry simplicity.  Like a warm hug, this aroma can help you destress after a long day of holiday fun. Vanilla's charms are vast as it has been used since ancient times as an aphrodisiac, a delicacy, and even an immune boost. Vanilla may be soft and a little sweet, but the benefits are powerful. 

Pomegranate and Pear: Uplifting, Exotic + Sparkly.

Need a confidence boost? Try Pomegranate to bring some joy to your day. This uplifting aroma has light but complex layers of fragrances including 'green', 'woody', 'earthy', 'fruity', ‘floral' and slightly ‘sweet’.  It can also give some serious magnetism when you wear this scent as the pomegranate is often called the “Fruit of Life” and symbolizes power, beauty, and eternal life with its multitude of juicy seeds. Combined with sparkling Pear, there's no end to the magic it can bring. 

Pineapple: Sweet, Blissful, OOO Vibes.  

Pineapple is a fresh, fruity and exotic scent that can instantly transport you to vacay mode on a sunny island, even in the midst of a snowy day. It’s a perfect uplifting gift for anyone with the winter blues. It’s happy, upbeat, juicy and super fresh like a delicious tropical smoothie for your skin. 

Lavender:  All is Calm. All is Bright. 

There’s a reason every spa smells like Lavender. It’s one of the most well loved and highly researched scents for it’s aromatherapy benefits including aiding with sleep, as an anti inflammatory and antimicrobial. Lavender’s calming scent has been found to assist in reducing stress, anxiety and fear. It is the perfect choice for winding down after busy shopping days or when you need to create your own holiday getaway in the bath. 

Scent is a beautiful way to find balance amidst the merry chaos of the season, and can gift your nearest and dearest some peace of mind. Share the gift of smelling good with your loved ones and spark more joy. 

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