Psst…have you heard? Pure, unfiltered nutrients for your sweet lips are here, in the form of our brand NEW Lip Care Line!

Our 2 step, Lip Care routine is simple, easy and made with 100% natural, healthy goodness! Simply choose from our three all-natural formulations, then exfoliate and condition your pout with our on-the-go Lip Scrub to prep it for absorbing all the beneficial properties of our Lip Balm!


We keep all the goodness in, and leave out all those unwanted chemicals, so you can live free, and organic – the way nature intended it to be. How exactly do we keep all the natural goodness in? With our ColdPress Technology® of course!

When you hear the word “cold-pressed” you might naturally think of juice. Trends show a growing demand for cold-pressed juices as consumers across the globe are benefiting from higher nutritional content due to the maximum amount of liquid extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables. But, did you know cold-pressing is not just for juice? In fact, it can be used for hair, skin and lip products. Which is where we come in!

Image via @girlgreybeauty

Our Lip Care Line products are jam-packed with vitamin-rich goodness from fruit and vegetable enzymes and Certified Organic Extracts. We accomplish this by processing our products through ColdPress Technology®, which keeps everything that is pure and perfect from the whole fruit. It maintains the integrity of the plant, instead of trying to filter it down to one part. This way, we can preserve more of the plant’s nutrients, while delivering exceptionally pure, rich essential oils, vitamins and enzymes that nourish and revitalize your lips.

Like a ColdPressed fruit smoothie, our Lip Care Line is here to quench dry, chapped and flaky lips. Celebrate and savor the hydrating, refreshing and soothing benefits that our ColdPressed Lip Balms and Scrubs have to offer. Head to the ‘Our Products’ tab on our website to shop or Lip Care Line today!


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