Everybody wants that dream hair that’s full and has a gorgeous bounce – Especially when it’s the summertime! Sometimes the heat can mess with your beautiful locks, and we’re here to make sure your hair stays revived and hydrated! So what can Raw Sugar’s hair products do that’s different from the rest?

To simply put it: We’ve created a hair care regimen that nourishes, enriches, and revitalizes your hair… naturally, and in 3 simple steps!

Our hair regimen starts at the roots, and is a pure blend of organic fruit and vegetable extracts and superfoods. This means our products are packed with nutrients and vitamins. These wholesome ingredients are powerful and found in nature. Their heavenly scents also come from the ColdPressed essential oils that are locked into them.


Not only do our Sugars love our formulations, but they love the fact that our 3-step Hair Care Regimen is so easy to use! Simply, choose between The Moisture Smoothie or The Bounce Back formula in our Shampoos and Conditioners, for an all-encompassing and nutritious hair revival. Then, treat your hair to deep hydration therapy by using our Healing Power Hair Masque… Voilà, you’ve got yourself a happy, healthy + hip hair care regimen!

Find out what delectable Raw Sugar product is your perfect match below:  

Dry Hair – MOISTURE SMOOTHIE (Coconut + Raw Honey + Sweet Almond Milk)

Say hello to nature’s miracle recipe for dry hair. Made to quench the thirst of moisture-deprived hair, this formula is packed full of intense hydration. The Moisture Smoothie’s natural blend of Coconut, Raw Honey, and Sweet Almond Milk work overtime to support growth, soothe dry ends, strengthen and nourish parched hair – leaving you with shiny, well-moisturized locks.

Image via @elsabowman


Revive and Uplift – THE BOUNCE BACK (Mango Butter + Agave + Carrot Oil)

Sometimes your hair needs a little extra love. Maybe it’s in need of some hydration restoration, or it’s seen its feeling stressed and overworked. Our replenishing Bounce Back formula works to minimize hair breakage, improve elasticity and restore a healthy shine, making your hair bounce back into its beautiful state. Think of it as your hair’s very own personal hero.

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Hair Repair – HEALING POWER MASQUE (Avocado + Banana Oil + Coconut Milk + Honey)

In this hair-helping, scalp-saving, hair masque recipe – we combine the power of nature’s best healing and moisturizing oils to restore health and life to love-deprived hair.
100% sulfate, paraben, AND silicone free – Raw Sugar’s is hair-loving goodness is something you can feel good about. Don’t forget, for every product that you buy, Raw Sugar donates a fresh bar of soap to a family in need. That’s #Rawlovin Sugar!

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