Watermelon is full of health benefits that nourish our bodies when we eat it.  But it’s also a superstar when it comes to beauty benefits with its vitamin-packed and nutrient-rich flesh.  Here are just some of the ways that watermelon can help give you plump, soothed, even, hydrated and glowing skin.  


  • Watermelon is full of lycopene which is one of the most effective antioxidants when it comes to attacking free radicals from sun exposure and pollution which means literally slowing down the signs of aging. And if that wasn’t enough, Lycopene is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties so it helps soothe and smooth skin.  


  • Watermelon is full of vitamin C that encourages collagen growth and supports elastin that helps skin stay supple.  Try a hand wash with watermelon to keep them looking 


  • Watermelon has loads of vitamin A that has been shown to repair and create new skin cells. Try a hand wash with watermelon to keep hands looking hydrated and less dull and flaky.    


  • Watermelon is ultra-hydrating and we all know, dehydrated skin looks older, tired and no bueno.  Watermelon extracts can give skin a healthy surge of moisture, giving it that plump, refreshed, J. Lo glow we’re all after.  


  • The smell of watermelon is a natural mood-booster and we all know, a happy, uplifted mind is the biggest beauty benefit of all. : )