How your feelings are tied to Watermelon vibes. 


We already know, watermelon has incredible benefits for our skin with it’s rich vitamin C, antioxidant and moisture content. But what about the benefits of how watermelon’s smell?  


Smell is our most primal sense and holds surprising sway over our emotions. The emotion we tie to a scent has a lot to do with our past. In fact, our previous experiences have a strong impact on how we experience a specific scent. It may bring up subconscious feelings of nostalgia, joy, comfort, happiness, or in the case of watermelon — a summer day.  


Watermelon is no doubt summer’s most quintessential fruit. It represents long, lazy days in the sunshine, carefree feelings, picnics and poolside parties. So when we come across the scent of watermelon in self care products like our body washes, lotions and lip balms, we subconsciously think happy thoughts. Our brains are wired to go back to 

lighthearted, thirst-quenching, cheerful, mood boosting feelings we had when we experienced watermelon. So next time you want to be uplifted, happy and fresh — reach for our Watermelon + Fresh Mint collection with all its moisture loving, skin softening, and spirit-lifting vibes.  You’ll be happy you did.