Did all the partying over the holidays take a toll on your skin? The effects from the festive season can become visible on the skin, and giving yourself some TLC is not a bad idea for restoring it to its original glowing. There some great ways to rejuvenate dull and tired skin. Not only can we be left tired and depleted, but our big night out also takes a toll on our skin, hair and bodies. To avoid this, here’s a little preparatory guide to help you stay gorgeous and feel as renewed as your resolutions; Despite the late night and fast times.

Take the first step to refreshed skin by exfoliating off those dead skin cells from 2018. That’s the old you, you deserve a clean slate with fresh revitalized skin. Plus, the Slow-absorbing moisture veil will also help promote healthier, smoother, more moisturized skin. Getting rid of the excess debris will help your skin look bright and healthy, this way no one will ever suspect how little sleep you’re truly running on! The Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut Sugar Scrub is the ultimate solution for cleansing and exfoliating, while indulging your skin with our signature SoCal scent.

Whether you’ve enjoyed kisses under the mistletoe or spent the night celebrating the New Year with a loved one, your lips might crave a bit more care over the party season. Our Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub is a 100% natural, sweet citrus lip treatment. Pure sugar cane and shea butter exfoliate and condition dry, chapped lips while Cold Pressed lemon peel oil and macadamia nut butter help nourish and smooth your pout for a perfect pucker for the New Year.

Nights out on the town can also greatly affect your hair. We all try to make healthy choices for ourselves over the holiday period, but the pollution in the air can take a toll on your hair. After a good shampooing and conditioning, a hair masque should quickly become your new best friend. Our Healing Power Hair Masque will purify your locks and replenish your hair’s health. Adding this to your hair routine will get your strands looking healthy and revived.

Visit us online for our full range of products to help refresh and revive your tired self. A little self-love can go along way after the festive season.