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5 Ways You Can Contribute To Making The World An Environmentally Friendly Place:

It’s World Environment Day! Here at Raw Sugar, we believe in products that are good for you and the Earth! That’s why we have put a huge effort in keeping our world green! This includes our products being responsibly packaged, using 25% post recycled plastic and sustainable ingredients, and being certified cruelty and vegan free. For every product purchased Raw Sugar Living also donates one bar of soap to a family in need.
So what can you do differently today to help you become more environmentally friendly? 

1. Transport

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, motor vehicles collectively cause 75 percent of carbon monoxide pollution in the U.S. That is A LOT of pollution. Not to mention the amount of smog a car creates. Although many of us need our cars to get us from Point A to Point B, there are plenty of ways we can reduce this necessity. Organize with work colleagues to carpool, take public transport or even walk. Not only will you be reducing the level of air pollution, but you’ll also improve your health by getting active and social!

2. Waste

When we think waste we generally think of recycling as being the solution. We absolutely agree that recycling is indeed a crucial and often effortless way of reducing waste in the environment, but there is more you can do as well. Other than recycling our plastics, papers and glass, there are other various ways to reduce your personal waste output. Buy food that has less or no packaging, plan ahead and shop smaller to reduce food waste or even donate used goods to local community organizations. The list goes on and on. There are plenty of ways to get rid of unwanted items without throwing them in the bin!

3. Exercise your Green Thumb

Take it to the next level and look towards nature for some inspiration. Plant a veggie patch to grow your own food at home. Even taking the time to put together a compost heap is a great way for organic compounds to break down rather than throwing them away. This will also ensure that you’ll have a nutritious base for your home grown fruits and veggies! Another great way to go green is by installing a rainwater tank or solar panels. Not only will you save money on bills but it’s an easy way to go green.

Image via Jesuisromyx

4. Reusable Over Disposable

Plastic was the environments number one enemy In 2014. Americans discarded about 33.6 million tons of plastic, with only 9.5 percent of it being recycled. The rest ends up in landfills where it can take up to 500 years to decompose, with the risk of leaking pollutants into the soil and water. Try to remove plastics from your day to day use. Get a reusable bottle instead you can also reuse your plastic bottles or recycle them. Bring a fabric shopping bag to the stores with you to avoid using plastic bags. Think of the little things you can change in your everyday routine – There are plenty!   

5. Unplug

Electricity generation is one of the leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. Little actions we make in our everyday lives can make a huge difference to our gas emissions as a whole! Simple steps like turning off the lights when you’re not home, turning down the heat or using the air conditioner sparingly are all ways we can reduce our electricity usage. Your wallet will also thank you for it!  

Image via LoLoBu

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